A Very Important Marketing Skill you Won’t Learn in College but Must Learn on your Own: Copywriting

If you went to college for business or marketing, you were probably taught how to write “professionally”. You know exactly what I mean. Don’t you remember being taught how to properly write an email, resume ...
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Donald Trump, the Greatest Marketer in Politics of all Times–or, Just a Bully?

Whether you think Donald Trump is the greatest marketers of all times or just a bully, I’ll leave it up for debate. What’s certain is he managed to become the center of attention to all ...
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Don’t Get Too Cocky: Your Brand Name Isn’t the Reason for your Success

Have you heard of line extensions? Line extensions are basically a range of products that are added under the umbrella of already successful companies. Let’s take Coca-Cola for instance. After introducing its first product to ...
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The Power of Focus: Become Exceptionally Good at One Thing and the Market Will Thank You for It

What’s one of the most important things to consider when growing a startup company into a sustainable, profitable company? FOCUS! That’s right, in order for your company to make a big dent in the market, ...
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A Quick, Effective Tip to Increase Post Engagement and Brand Exposure on Instagram

Do you want to boost the number of likes and comments you get in an Instagram post? Do you want to increase the exposure of your personal or business account on Instagram? If that’s exactly ...
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